De-Sanding Cyclones – Sicca Dania/ Hovex

De-Sanding Cyclones HCP 50 / 100 / 150*- Sicca Dania/Hovex

  • Origin: Nertherland
  • Manufacturer: Sicca Dania / Hovex
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • Oder: 3-4 month
  • Price: Contact

Consulting & Ordering

  (+84) 0988 557 677

Product details & Specification

The SiccaDania de-sanding cyclone is designed to remove unwanted particles in the production. For the best protection and minimum wear of the overall process equipment, a de-sanding cyclone is advised to remove sand and other coarse particles.


• Full capacity flexibility

• Easy installation

High wear resistance

• Full stainless-steel construction

• Ceramic cyclone body

• Minimum of maintenance & service

• Long lifetime

Automatic solids discharge excellent solids-fluids separation

• Minimum starch loss

• Less wear downstream


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