Beverage clarifiers Separator – Frautech

Beverage clarifiers Separator - Frautech

  • Origin: EU
  • Manufacturer: Frautech
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • Oder: Contact
  • Price: Contact

Consulting & Ordering

  (+84) 0988 557 677

Product details & Specification

With more than 100 years experience, the FRAUTECH brand name is present in dairy, beverage, beer and food plants all over the world and is a byword for long-term experience in design and manufacturing of centrifugal separators.

ArtBEV, the beverage clarifiers Separator Frautech:

Our clarifiers help you get the best out of your beverage. Whether your raw material is an apple, a grape or rice, our specially designed ArtBEV clarifiers are able to maintain the highest nutritional value and all the health properties of your product.
Juices / Vegetable drinks / Tea and herbal drinks / Wine



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