About Us

About Rukey Automation

Nowadays, the production of goods by Automatic machines to increase productivity and cut costs is a vital factor for manufacturing enterprises. Control, monitoring, maintenance and upgrading Machinery is always a practical need to ensure uninterrupted production.
At Rukey, the place where many talents in Automation & Information Technology combine with the introduction of new technology, we bring our customers the best services and solutions in Automation Control. Remote Data Collection and Auto Machine Tool.
We are aware of the importance of the production line
Most of all, we put the benefit, and customer peace of mind first. That is a measure of Rukey's success.

Core Values


  • Always try to do right thing
  • Honest and straightforward with everyone
  • Operate law-abiding


  • We are aware that in the electrical-machinery system, mistakes are very dangerous. So we have to watch carefully before the work is done.
  • We arrange scientific work to accelerate progress

Passion for Winning

  • Do not hesitate to complete the goal
  • We are not satisfied with the current situation
  • We aspire to grow and win on the market



  • Always put the quality of service, products on top
  • Realize that bringing value to our customers is a part of our value
  • Contiuously learn, devolop and improve
  • Take pride in our work

Great place to Work

  • Be open and direct
  • Work as a team with respect and trust for each other
  • Win and have fun
  • Recognize and reward accomplishments
  • fairly

Mission & Vision

"Improving production capacity for enterprises by automation" is our MISSION