Rukey Solutions

Energy Saving Solution & Pump Optimization

  • Savings of at least 30%
  • Increased pump life & mechanical system.
  • Reduce the cost of storage tanks.
  • Fully automatic operation, quiet startup.

Energy Saving & Optimizing Solutions Air Compressors

  • Savings of at least 30%
  • Increase the life of the pump.
  • Run smoothly.
  • Fully automatic operation.

Energy Monitoring Solutions

  • Determine the amount of electricity produced.
  • Remote monitoring in real time.
  • Record power quality status.
  • Load Analysis.
  • From there, you can reduce the power consumption.

Internet Monitoring & Control Solution (IOT)

  • Programmable control & monitoring on demand
  • Local Control & Monitoring (HMI)
  • Control & Monitoring on PC (SCADA)
  • Control & Monitor anywhere with internet by Smartphone (Iot)

Solution Camera surveillance

  • Enhence security for the house, for relatives.
  • Monitor your home at all times.
  • Collect evidence if something goes wrong
  • Control young children and pets when away.
  • Employee control ...

Solution for the Starch Inductry:

  • Fiber separation: Extraction machine
  • Pus Separation: Pus separator centrifuge
  • Sand Separation: Cylones Separating Sand
  • Water separation: Water separator centrifuge